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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Diabetes: Omnipod Dash Insulin Pump Review

For 8 months in 2020, I had been using the insulin pump, Omnipod Dash with Dexcom to manage my Type 1 Diabetes. I thought it was time to review this diabetes device. I have been a diabetic for 13 years soon to be 14 in March/April. Before going on a insulin pump I was using insulin pens for the longest time. That is another story itself. 

What is Omnipod Dash?

Omnipod Dash is a tubeless wearable insulin pump that sends a consistent amount of basal (background) insulin for up to 3 days. The  PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) is a dumb-down Android phone that only runs the software by Omnipod. The PDM then connects to the insulin pump pods by Bluetooth. The pods are waterproof, so that means no disconnecting for a shower or jumping in the pool. The PDM is NOT waterproof. Also, the Omnipod Dash does not commutate with a CGM, like Dexcom.  

The Process

For me, it was super simple. I had gone to an endocrinologist app and talked to my doctor about going on a pump and discussing some of the different options. I was given a list of insulin pumps and told to research each myself. I could either tell him which one I was interested in, so he could start the paperwork. Or go on the pumps website, fill out the contact forms, and start the process that way. 

By the end of the week, I had filled out forms online for Omnipod and was contacted within 3-4 days. I filled out everything on a Friday and was contacted by Monday to go over questions, like insurance and whatnot. By that Friday I was informed what the cost would be with my insurance. I gave them the go-ahead and within a week my order was shipped. It was a really quick and easy process overall. 

Shortly after I received my pump supplies I was then contacted by an Omnipod Rep/Trainer to set up training to set up my new pump. The pump trainer sat with me and set up the PDM with settings tailored to my insulin needs. Since then I have changed almost everything she had set, there was a lot of trial and error to find out what works better for me on the pump. Normally the DR sets you on the lower side of the pump when you start, to avoid low blood sauger.  My appointment took about an hour since I read everything beforehand in the handbook.  

Things I liked 

No tubing, I honestly would forget I had it on me unless I placed it on my outer upper arm and hit every doorway. I loved that I could decorate the pods with different stickers. Very easy to use, basically fill the pod, confirm everything on the PDM, stick it on, and go.

You can go swimming or shower without having to worry about disconnecting and remembering to reconnect. Your pod’s info shows on your phone as long as it is nearby.

I never had a problem keeping the PDM with me, it was no different than carrying my phone with me. I hardly had a failed pod.

Things I did not like 

At times the design of the pods could be a little bulky. You only get one cannula length. Both Fat and protein hit me very hard if I have a meal that's high in both, and end up with high blood sauger. The Omnipod Dash just couldn't keep up with me and I would consistently be chasing high-blood saugers.  

Final thoughts

 It’s a great pump that's for sure. I did exactly what it was programmed to do, that is to deliver a constant supply of basal background insulin 24/7. But since it does not talk to Dexcom it just doesn't work for me. Now that the Omnipod 5 has been FDA-approved and works with Dexcom it works better for me. Which I love!