Friday, October 15, 2021

3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My Blogs Best Friend

3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My Blogs Best Friend

If you don’t know it but twitter is my blogs best friend. When I started my blog in 2017 it got some traffic but not as much until I joined twitter in July. My blog BOOMED with traffic, it was unreal. Since then I have been using twitter regularly. I get tons more engagement then I ever did.  I check twitter at lest once a day, either morning or at night.
I recycle my blog posts and tag other RT accounts in my tweets. They help so much, I know for a fact that if I didn’t tag or mention them, my blog would not get the exposure that I do.
On my personal twitter, Sunburntaloe Fridays I do a Follow Friday Thread. I have these set up in advance so they are automatically sent out. This saves me so much time during the week. I have fallen in love with Later. I only wish I could add more then one twitter account to the free plan. I have two accounts so I can run my personal and RT account on Twitter. 
For my RT account that I manage, Bloggingbeesrt has daily threads throughout the week. We also have monthly chats that I have other bloggers host.
Here is a quick run down why twitter is my blogs best friend.
  1. Retweet accounts -They are a awesome way to promote and get the exposure for your blog. Also you meet and connect with other bloggers that are out there. I have found many favorite bloggers because of these accounts. Plus some accounts will have chats on set days and times.
  2. Threads- Threads are another way to find and connect with new blogs. Normally all you have to do is share your link, follow others and retweet the tweet. 
  3. Twitter chats- I wish I could participate in more twitter chats but I feel like i  always mess up the time zones. But I love joining and being part of the chats when I can.
If your already on twitter feel free to follow me and if you don’t that’s okay too. I hope you enjoyed reading!

3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My Blogs Best Friend

Monday, October 4, 2021

8 Summer Favorites

8 Summer Favorites

Well summer has been officially over now, which is hard to believe. We are now entering cooler weather and in to fall. Over the summer I found some new hobbies and interests that I never thought I would have or try.

Pomifrea I fell in love earlier this year with Pomifera. The healing body oil is amazing and does so much for dry skin. I use it after every time I shower and after every Dexcom (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and Omnipod/insulin pump change. Since the Dexcom stays attached to me for a full 10 days reading my blood sugar and the insulin pump is only 3 days.

Biker shorts Super comfy with pockets on both legs! I wore these a lot this summer and was prefect to carry both my phone and insulin pump. Fits true to size. 

Rebel Gypsy Wigs I started wearing wigs this February. I am attempting to grow out my pixie again and find that this is  helping with the temptation of cutting it. As of right now I have 34 wigs from The Rebel Gypsy and I love every single one. They have amazing customer service and great quality products. Not only does she have wigs but wig products, clothing, shoes, makeup and  so much more. She also goes live twice a week on Facebook and gives away a ton of prizes! 

Twitch Yearly this year I started streaming Animal Crossing for fun and enjoy it. I started streaming more in the summer, I do dream tours or decorate my island. I also stream other games too, like The Sims 4 and others. I don't have a set schedule yet but I will soon. Sometimes I will do dream tours on animal crossing with my niece while twitch. We have so much fun!

Dupe LV Checkered Bag Who doesn't love a nice big bag to throw everything in? Well made and pretty good for a dupe to the real thing without the price tag. 

Omnipod & Dexcom Both have been a game changer better control of my blood sugar. I absolutely love the Dexcom and being able to see what my blood sugar is and where its going all on my phone. Love it! Omnipod is a great tool for better management. It does a great job helping me with that but there is a learning curve. I can not wait for Omnipod 5 comes out next year. It will be even better with the ability to micro manage in the background and talk to the Dexcom. It will be able to help fix high blood sugar's and help prevent low blood sugar on its own. Instead of me doing all the micro managing, or trying to. 

4 Pieces Basic Crop Tank Tops This was a another staple this summer for clothing for me. They have many colors to pick from and loved how they fit. Fit's true to size. 

8 Summer favorites

8 Summer Favorites

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Level 13 as a Type 1 Diabetic

It's not something I would always touch on much, but I'm a Type 1 Diabetic for the last 13 years. I  found out at 18  in March of 2008. I have struggled so much since then and it has taken me until now to make peace with it. In those years I didn't always have the best control but I would do the very basics,  carb count-not always accurately, took insulin-not always on time, checked my blood sugar-only to eat and just winged it lot of times.  It was a mess. My A1C was always high, were talking 8-9 when we should be under 7-6. Right now it's a 9.4. Yikes. 

At my last endocrinologist appointment in march my Endo ask me if I was interested in an insulin pump or CGM and we please get you on a pump and cgm.   I told him yes I was interested. The only reason why I never did was because up until the last 3 years, I never had insurance. That is a whole other story. I was afraid to look into an insulin pump or cgm and be denied or have a crazy upfront cost. Because they are expensive.  My Endo gave me a list of insulin pumps and CGM's (continuous glucose monitor)  to research and to tell him what I wanted so he could start the paperwork. Two weeks later on St. Patricks Day I had the Dexcom G6 CGM to monitor my blood sugar 24/7. The insulin pump, I pick the OmniPod, took about a month later to start. 

I wish I had started so much sooner than later. But I wasn't ready and it took me a long time to realize that there is a difference with accepting and embracing it. I am seeing much better numbers during the night and day. I still have some areas that I have to adjust but my nights are looking great and consistent. Days are a little trickier but we are slowly getting there. Instead of running in the 200-300's all the time, I'm more like 160-180 which makes a huge difference.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

How to work with the moon


Just like the moon affects the ocean’s tides, the moon also affects our lives. Working with the phases of the moon is a simple and practical, and easy to add your everyday life.
This is something that I have been doing for a couple of years now and I enjoy adding it to my life along with tarot. I have found this to be helpful with setting goals and staying on track with self-care. 

First, decide on what needs to happen. Then, you set a goal. You may have to do some research and from a plan to complete your goal. 

NEW MOON – Plant the seeds of your future dreams. This phase begins 1–3½ days after the Balsamic Moon.

 As the Sun and the Moon  align in the sky, a new cycle has begun. The New Moon phase is the perfect time to create something new & set your intentions for the next month ahead. On this day, write down what you want to achieve next. Imagine how awesome it will feel to have accomplished it. You might not know how it will get done yet but for now that doesn’t matter. Be realistic and kind to yourself when setting your intention

Keywords of this phase: a clean slate, potential, dreams

 CRESCENT –Explore your dreams. This phase begins 3½–7 days after the New Moon. 

When the Moon begins re-appearing in the sky, for the first 3.5 days. This is a time for research.You might even have to let the initial idea sit to the side for a few days at a time while you take to research you plan and ideas. You’re trying to find the best way how this new idea or intention can fit into reality.

Keywords of this phase: courage, moving forwards, faith

It’s time to commit. This phase begins 7–10½ days after the New Moon.

At the First Quarter Moon phase, we take the right steps to make these dreams come into being. This is a mindful approach to action, determining and then doing what is most important. Discerning action requires you to get clear on your objectives—and prioritize.  Be courageous in saying no when an action does not fit your greater purpose.

Keywords of this phase: challenges, confidence, commitment

 GIBBOUS –Stay on course. This phase begins 10½–15 days after the New Moon.

At this point things are beginning to come together now. At the very least, you’re beginning to see everything coming together in order to complete this manifestation goal.Things might seem overwhelming. Some adjustments may be needed before things are right. Stick it out and everything will come together.

Keywords of this phase: tweak, hone, adjust.

 FULL MOON – It’s make-or-break time! This phase begins 15–18½ days after the New Moon.

Two weeks after the New Moon, we can begin to see the results of our efforts. This is a exciting time for some.This tends to be the time when our energy, emotions can be high. As a warning, your fears & anxieties can start to come to the surface if it doesn’t seem like your intention is moving enough for you. 
This phase is about exploring the sense of being able to be with uncertainty and mystery, to learn to trust that you are supported and cared for, and that you are already enough.

Keywords of this phase: results, forgiveness, gratitude

 DISSEMINATING MOON – B-r-e-a-t-h-e…This phase begins 3½–7 days after the Full Moon.

3.5 days after the Full Moon, we begin to re-group during the peak days of this moon cycle. This is a time when you begin to come to a clearer conclusion about what has and has not worked out, and start to ask yourself why that may have been.

Keywords of this phase: cycle: relax, accept, regroup

THIRD QUARTER – What do you know? This phase begins 7–10½ days after the Full Moon.

On this one-day phase that occurs one week after the Full Moon, start taking actions to wrap things up. If your intention has come true, bring this change into your reality, and if it has not, begin phasing out anything that is holding you back from reaching your goal.

Keywords of this phase: re-evaluate, balance, trust

BALSAMIC MOON –And release… This phase begins around 10½ days after the Full Moon, and continues to the beginning of the New Moon.

During the last few days of the moon cycle, things quiet down again. this is the time to reflect on the recent outcome. Understand what hasn’t been working or what has worked. Find a pain point that you can eventually transform into a new intention for the next cycle.

Keywords of this phase: healing, soothing, surrender

A another great practice during the moon cycle is to cleanse. Clean out your home, your closet, your relationships, your computer and old habits. Look at anything that’s no longer has a purpose to you and get rid of it. Pay close attention to the unnecessary emotional and physical clutter that you my have during past cycle and rid yourself of it. Afterwards it feels great to let all of that go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

August Favorites

August Favorites

Hard to be live we are all ready in September! August was a good month for me, it was my birthday month. Can you believe I turned 31? Nope I can't!  Here is a list of some of my favorites in August. 

I drink this everyday, I fill up my 24oz reusable starbucks tumbler.  Each tablet is the  equivalent of one full serving of greens & veggies and 100% DV Vitamins B1, B12, C, E. This is a great way to get all of your greens, veggies and get that water in. 

I have gotten so many people asking me me if I have eye lash extensions. I have to laugh when I tell them no. I absolutely love Flutter Habit. I can wear a set up to 5-7 days and reuse them at lest 3-4 times. The happy medium are my favorite style out of all of them. Not too dramatic but not too simple, they are just right. 

Maskcara Beauty Solid Perfume Number 2
This smells divine with  citrus, sweet tuberose and sandalwood. It is a solid perfume and rose gold illuminator all in one. It give a beautiful glow and the scent lasts all day. I have been using it so much I've already hit pan with this one and excited to wear the other perfumes that Maskcara has. 

August Favorites

The color that this bronzing water is perfect. Not orange at all, dries very quickly and doesn't leave streaks and lasts a while in between applications. 

I loved sailor moon as a kid. I had the toys and would watch everyday after school when it was on cartoon network. Over the summer I stumbled crossed it on Hulu. I have never been so excited for a cartoon. Slowly i have been making my way through the series and loving every bit of it. 

Gel Nail Kit 
For my birthday I received 2 Gellen Gel Nail Polish kits, one from my mom and the other from my aunt. The both gave me a amazon gift card and picked out the Pink Red Nudes Colors & Classic Elegance Collection. So far I'm really loving how long they wearing and how easy the whole process was.   This is the lamp I use for my gel polish. 

August Favorites

Thursday, September 3, 2020

My 6 Favorite Subscription Services

I wanted to share with you my  6 favorite subscription services that I really enjoy and thought you would too.  A few of them make our daily lives a little easier and a few are more fun in my mind. They are all affordable which is even better. 

  • Kindle unlimited - If you are a big reader this is a must. They don’t have every single book available for unlimited but they do have a huge selection to choose from.  It’s like a library but without the due dates. You can only take 10 out at a time but it is so worth it. 

  • Quip- Who would of thought a toothbrush subscription would be my favorite.  Honestly it’s one of the best one we have. Every three months we get new new brush heads for our toothbrush’s  in the mail and swap out the old for the new. I never have to guess when was the last time we changed our toothbrushes. It’s a really  great subscription.  I do have a referral code to save you some money and myself if you go through my link here

  • Flutter Habit- I recently discovered flutter habit  about 4 months ago and have been wearing them since.  They are faux mink lashes that go under your natural lashes and they last for about 5 days and can be reused.  Flutter habit has a variety of styles to choose from,  short and natural, wispy, full and dramatic. You can either have a subscription or purchase as you want. I have had so many people asking where I get my lashes done, and I have to laugh when I tell them I do them my self. It blows their minds.

  • Curology- Every three months I get my custom made acne cocktail for my skin, delivered to my door. It has helped so much the past couple of months. So far I really like it.  

  • Amazon Fresh- Another great service from amazon. I love that I can food shop with out leaving our apartment, since we only have the one car. So while my husband is at work and I have a day off, I will order our groceries and have them delivered within a few hours. It’s awesome.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My Easy Skincare Routine

My skin care routine has changed since the last time I wrote about it. So I suffer from hormonal acne and it sucks. I have two weeks every month with no active zits, then the other two weeks I have angry red  painful cystic zits along my cheeks, chin and jaw. Seems every time I  schedule an appointment with my dermatologist it gets canceled or rescheduled. Because of that  I have recently started using a custom cream made just for me by curology for my acne. I really try to keep it basic and not over complicate it. Less is more. For awhile I kept it very basic and only washed, tone and moisturize. I then slowly added a few products in and feel I'm at a good spot and not over doing it.

On top of my morning and night routine I also use three other products that are great for all over health.  Amazing Grass Effervescent Tablets: Green Superfood to get your daily veggies and 8oz of water. I also use their  GLOW Vegan Collagen Support with Biotin and Plant Based Protein Powder. I really like the chocolate rose for the glow protein powder, I like to add it to almond or soy milk.  The third is water. Make sure to drink lots of water, your skin will love it and so will the rest of your body.


Water- Quickly cleanse. 

Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner - Feels refreshing and hydrating.

Cevra AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 - Ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II - help restore protective skin barrier. Niacinamide - helps calm skin.  Hyaluronic Acid - helps retain skin's moisture.


Make-up Removing Cloths 4 Count, Erase Your Face- I use just water and remove the makeup with these cloths.
Pafica Sea Foam Wash- After using water and the makeup cloths I use a very gentle face wash, I also  use the makeup cloths to wipe away the face wash.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner -use again at night.

Bio Oil -  Can be used for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, dehydrated skin, after sun treatment & bath oil.

Curology - Curology is an online service that customises prescription-strength skincare for you. Right now my custom formula has Azelaic Acid, Clindamycin and Niacinamide.

Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tri-Peptide Collagen Protecting & Brightening Moisturizer - Collagen-protecting duo that works synergistically to further brighten and protect elasticity.

As needed 

Pacifica Overnight Mask- Very moisturizing if I'm feeling dry or after a face mask.
Aztec Clay- Once a week. Deep cleans the skin.
The Ordinary Retinol- every other day. Helps speed up the cell turnover rate. Many benefits for your skin.
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion - when ever a zit pops up.
Water -Throughout the day as needed