Wednesday, December 2, 2020

How to work with the moon


Just like the moon affects the ocean’s tides, the moon also affects our lives. Working with the phases of the moon is a simple and practical, and easy to add your everyday life.
This is something that I have been doing for a couple of years now and I enjoy adding it to my life along with tarot. I have found this to be helpful with setting goals and staying on track with self-care. 

First, decide on what needs to happen. Then, you set a goal. You may have to do some research and from a plan to complete your goal. 

NEW MOON – Plant the seeds of your future dreams. This phase begins 1–3½ days after the Balsamic Moon.

 As the Sun and the Moon  align in the sky, a new cycle has begun. The New Moon phase is the perfect time to create something new & set your intentions for the next month ahead. On this day, write down what you want to achieve next. Imagine how awesome it will feel to have accomplished it. You might not know how it will get done yet but for now that doesn’t matter. Be realistic and kind to yourself when setting your intention

Keywords of this phase: a clean slate, potential, dreams

 CRESCENT –Explore your dreams. This phase begins 3½–7 days after the New Moon. 

When the Moon begins re-appearing in the sky, for the first 3.5 days. This is a time for research.You might even have to let the initial idea sit to the side for a few days at a time while you take to research you plan and ideas. You’re trying to find the best way how this new idea or intention can fit into reality.

Keywords of this phase: courage, moving forwards, faith

It’s time to commit. This phase begins 7–10½ days after the New Moon.

At the First Quarter Moon phase, we take the right steps to make these dreams come into being. This is a mindful approach to action, determining and then doing what is most important. Discerning action requires you to get clear on your objectives—and prioritize.  Be courageous in saying no when an action does not fit your greater purpose.

Keywords of this phase: challenges, confidence, commitment

 GIBBOUS –Stay on course. This phase begins 10½–15 days after the New Moon.

At this point things are beginning to come together now. At the very least, you’re beginning to see everything coming together in order to complete this manifestation goal.Things might seem overwhelming. Some adjustments may be needed before things are right. Stick it out and everything will come together.

Keywords of this phase: tweak, hone, adjust.

 FULL MOON – It’s make-or-break time! This phase begins 15–18½ days after the New Moon.

Two weeks after the New Moon, we can begin to see the results of our efforts. This is a exciting time for some.This tends to be the time when our energy, emotions can be high. As a warning, your fears & anxieties can start to come to the surface if it doesn’t seem like your intention is moving enough for you. 
This phase is about exploring the sense of being able to be with uncertainty and mystery, to learn to trust that you are supported and cared for, and that you are already enough.

Keywords of this phase: results, forgiveness, gratitude

 DISSEMINATING MOON – B-r-e-a-t-h-e…This phase begins 3½–7 days after the Full Moon.

3.5 days after the Full Moon, we begin to re-group during the peak days of this moon cycle. This is a time when you begin to come to a clearer conclusion about what has and has not worked out, and start to ask yourself why that may have been.

Keywords of this phase: cycle: relax, accept, regroup

THIRD QUARTER – What do you know? This phase begins 7–10½ days after the Full Moon.

On this one-day phase that occurs one week after the Full Moon, start taking actions to wrap things up. If your intention has come true, bring this change into your reality, and if it has not, begin phasing out anything that is holding you back from reaching your goal.

Keywords of this phase: re-evaluate, balance, trust

BALSAMIC MOON –And release… This phase begins around 10½ days after the Full Moon, and continues to the beginning of the New Moon.

During the last few days of the moon cycle, things quiet down again. this is the time to reflect on the recent outcome. Understand what hasn’t been working or what has worked. Find a pain point that you can eventually transform into a new intention for the next cycle.

Keywords of this phase: healing, soothing, surrender

A another great practice during the moon cycle is to cleanse. Clean out your home, your closet, your relationships, your computer and old habits. Look at anything that’s no longer has a purpose to you and get rid of it. Pay close attention to the unnecessary emotional and physical clutter that you my have during past cycle and rid yourself of it. Afterwards it feels great to let all of that go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!