What is Maskcara Makeup?

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If you saw my previous post about me becoming a Maskcara Beauty Makeup Artist  and you might still have some questions about Maskcara Beauty,  then this is the post for you. Lets hop straight to it.

What is Maskcara Makeup?

Maskcara Beauty is a cosmetics company created by Cara Killpack, the beauty blogger behind www.maskcara.com. She wanted to create an affordable makeup that was quick and easy to apply, even if you have no makeup experience! The makeup is designed to simplify your beauty routine by having to apply only one layer of makeup and in one simple compact. She wanted to change the idea that we put one color over our entire face, and then add layers of colors over that. Maskcara's 3D Foundation is a cream makeup that is applied in ONE layer, Think of a paint by number. Maskcara is known for their 3D foundation that consist of a highlight, contour, illuminator, lip and cheek. The 3D makeup uses Highlight and Contouring (HAC) which uses a highlight shade to brighten your face and a contour shade to add dimension to your face. Since your face isn’t one dimensional, your makeup shouldn’t be either!

How do I buy Maskcara Beauty Makeup?

Maskcara Beauty is sold through artists (distributors). Your artist will make sure you get the right colors and walk you through the whole process. You will need to send your artist a makeup-less selfie in natural light facing a window for the best match.

What makes Maskcara Beauty Makeup Unique?

Maskcara Beauty is made to be affordable, easy, and FAST. All you need is 5 minutes. Like for real.  All of the makeup that you need for your whole face can fit in one compact, and each color is purchased separately. When you run out of one thing, you just replace that one tin. So you don't need to buy a whole palette just for one or two colors. Each tin and compact is magnetic so the tins pop in and out of the compact.

What do I need to get started with Maskcara  Beauty Makeup?

4 Tins of Color– 1 Highlight, 1 Contour, 1 Cheek/Lip, and 1 Illuminator- Each one of these colors is applied in strategic spotsThe makeup is blendable and buildable.

1 Gorgeous Compact– When you buy 4 tins of Maskcara Makeup Colors, your Quad Compact is free.

1 30 Second HAC Brush– This HAC brush helps you apply your  makeup quickly! It has two sides- one for Highlight, one for Contour and you can  use this same brush for your cheek color. Maskcara Beauty Makeup brushes are guaranteed for one year.

How long does Maskcara last?

Since you only need a tiny amount of Maskcara  to get excellent coverage, your tin of Highlight will last about 3 months. Your Contour and Cheek/Lip will last about 6 months ! Your Illuminator will last 9 months or longer with average use.

Is Maskcara an MLM?

Yes, Maskcara is a Direct Sales Company, or Multi-Level Marketing Company. However, unlike other MLM’s, Maskcara Makeup Artists are not expected to be the customers, and you do not have to build a team to make money.  Artist do not make any money when a new artist joins under them, like other company's.  Artists make 20-40% Commission on their sales. There are no auto-ships, no monthly minimums, and no inventory. There is a small monthly fee of $11.95 for your back office, which keeps your site up and running. 

How do I become a Maskcara Beauty Makeup Artist?

You can become a Maskcara Beauty Makeup Artist even if you have NO makeup experience- that’s how easy this product is. My fabulous team offers great  training. I’d love to have you on my team, and as a friend.

So that it.  If you have any  questions, feel free and send me a email.

You can also join my Facebook Group. It is great way to stay updated and learn more about Maskcara. If you do happen to join, please feel free to add others that you think would be interested.

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