Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Goals

My list of goals is nothing crazy or to hard to do, and 2019  wasn't bad but it wasn't terrible. I mainly wanted to make a list of things I want to continue or improve in 2020. Which you can read here, about what they where. So here is a list of things I would like to change or work towards in 2019.


  • Eat cleaner. Continue making healthier choices and taking vitamins . 
  • Workout 3 times a week at a minimum 
  • Drinking water. I think I have been doing well with my 16oz bottle 2 times a day. 
Self Care 

  • Read 12 books in 2020 and if i read more that's great then. I read about 5/19 books in 2019. I think my goal was to big. 
  • Read tarot more often. 
  • Journal everyday. 
  • Art. I did zip. Nothing in 2018.  
  • Spend less. Only buy what I really need. Not because I want it. 
Social Media 
  • Blog once a week or at lest every other week. Some months are better then others with work and life. 
  • More constituent schedule with the Blogging RT account I run on twitter, BloggingBeesRT.  
So those are my goals for 2020! I would love to read any goals that you might have!

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